Bespoke services

bespoke wooden furnitureWhether you just want to customise one of our range or you have your own unique design in mind, being involved in the creation of your own bespoke wooden furniture makes the end product very special; both personal and defining. Have a look at some of our favourite projects completed, so far in our Bespoke Gallery

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we usually meet with them personally but we have also completed the process on-line, if this is more convenient. We discuss your needs and talk through any technical aspects that may need to be considered. During this meeting we will be able to produce some rough sketches based on your requirements and show you samples of different wood types – we usually work with oak, cherry, walnut and olive ash. After this exchange of ideas, we will then provide you with scale drawings and/or artistic impressions of your furniture. These initial steps are completely free of charge. Should you then decide that you wish to commission us to build your bespoke wooden furniture, we will ask you for a deposit and commence work on your project, once we have selected suitable wood or veneers etc.

From our point of view, the process of working with customers and seeing their ideas take solid form is exciting, absorbing & highly rewarding. We hope it is for you too. However as it is the very first time that this piece of furniture will ever have been made, we ask that you appreciate that the time scale for building a bespoke piece is not an exact science. It may take longer or shorter than anticipated. We realise that you are looking forward to receiving your furniture but we want it to be right and ask for your patience should it take a little longer.

Please be aware that we are not taking any more orders (unless we are currently in contact with you). Please browse this website as a gallery for the time being.