Bespoke furniture gallery

One of Mark’s passions is designing. Bespoke furniture is a wonderful way to indulge this, but it takes time and planning. One-off bespoke furniture is a wonderful way to get exactly what you need, combined with an outlet for both yours and our creativity but it takes patience. If you have the time and patience, come and talk to us about your bespoke furniture ideas. Above are just some of the ideas that people have come to us with and all but one contain curves – from shelves to dressers, curved computer desks to double doors, small side tables to two metre round pedastal card tables, television units to plinths. The images tend to speak for themselves, so please click on any of the above to see further photos. There isn’t room to put all of the work we have done. We can also change details of our designer range to suit your needs, sometimes at no extra cost. Our Omega range for example are shelving units which one client has asked for drawers and cupboards to be set into it. We are happy to travel to your home and see the environment where your ideas have taken fruition. Take your time, it is part of the pleasure.

Please be aware that we are not taking any more orders (unless we are currently in contact with you). Please browse this website as a gallery for the time being.